Invasions are extremely polarizing and there is little incentive to actually do them once you hit 50. I know when I was leveling I thought they were the coolest aspect of the game and ran to zones to do them. At 50 though they just seem to get in the way.

One of the things I've noticed is that there is a Weekly Raid for Akala (6 inscribed reward), DRR (6 inscribed) and DER (6 crystal). On the Freeholme server at least, Akala and DER are vastly ignored while the daily rift raid is done numerous times all day long.

As such it seems the rewards for all of it are very out of tune. You get a chance for raid level loot and 6 inscribed stones from a DRR for maybe 10-20 minutes of time these days. Invasions might take twice as long and there is minimal loot along-side a high chance of failure due to non-participation. My experience as a 50 has been that they force people out of zones rather than draw them to it.

PvP Rifts are cool and all, but why are the dev's ignoring invasions? Make them worth doing and people will do them and if done right they can become mass world PvP draws as well.

Five Steps I'd like to see taken:
1. DER/DRR rewards brought in line for the current environment.
2. Daily Quest for defeating an invasion in Stillmoor, IPP, or Shimmersand. (Inscribed/Substantial Planarite Reward)
3. Daily Quest for assisting in an invasion in lower zones. (Crystal/Large Planarite Reward)
4. Loot chance on par with T1 for minor invasions. Loot on par with T2 for major invasions.
5. Loot table added for Akala.