Healing seems to be one or two button rotations in PvE for the Sentinel and Purifier (Healing Invocation/Restorative Flames + Instant Heal), but Warden is non-stop action just to keep things flowing. One of the biggest things is the repetitive nature of Soothing Stream - esp if you lose the stack.

I've noticed after heavy healing periods my hand hurts like hell when playing as a Warden and while its the build I like the most I end up going purifier/sent just to save my wrist from all the repetition. In the end, the stacking feels just like unnecessary busy work from grade school.

Can you guys rework the main offender - Soothing Stream into something more workable that doesn't involve stacks?

Something like:
Soothing Stream
104 Mana - 12 second cooldown
Conjures the power of a vigorous mountain stream, healing the ally for 83 health per stack over 12 seconds. Stacks slowly wax and wane.

Could balance it out of course, but that would give it a "Tidey" feeling that Warden is really missing. Allowing stacks to build up from 0 to 4 and back down over the course of the 12 seconds.