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Thread: 2h Rogue?

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    Default 2h Rogue?

    I have been playing MMO's for a long time now. One thing I have never seen is a Rogue that uses a two handed weapon. I think with the way that Trion did the souls, it could lead to a completely new way to play rogues. I know Rogues are built on steady weapon damage with medium-high ability burst. But with the addition of more dots it could reverse. With more dots for constant damage and Weapon strikes + combo point bursts. Just a suggestion. Plus every other class (mage, warrior, and cleric) have a death based soul.

    AND I know it would probably be in an expansion. But if it is decided by the powers that be to expand the souls in a patch or expansion sometime in the future. Please keep the idea in mind.
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    Okay then. Which two of the current souls would be the "suggested pairings"? I'm not sure if any of the current souls would work well with a two-handed weapon.

    Also, while not strictly death-based, Nightblade has quite a bit of Death attacks, if that's what you're looking for.

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    because the idea of a rogue has always revolved around them being assassins or swashbucklers, both of which prefer 1h weapons and finesse. i like them how they are.

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