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Thread: Spit Ballin iDeA's : Energy/Power

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    Default Spit Ballin iDeA's : Energy/Power

    the way i see it is, if your swingin a huge *** sword, your energy is gunna go down fairly fast , due to fatigue, but if youhave lighter weapons such as 1h , i think it wouldbe reasonable for it to go down slower, as in reduce cost of the power needed to use skills. having this changed would have to change the attack of the swords so then it evens out the fact of lighter weapons can spam skills for longer nd faster, but heavier weapons are alot stronger, but you cant use your skills as fast, all that would be needed to do, is change the 2h sword physical attacks up by like 33% and then the 1h attacks down by say 15% but then the energy used with 1h swords would also be reduced by say 15% , none of theese numbers were calculated im just giving an example.
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