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Thread: Simple, in-game Guild Bulletin Board

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    Default Simple, in-game Guild Bulletin Board

    I'm not talking about anything that would replace a full-featured website, not even close. I'm thinking more along the lines of a shoutbox, or persistent guildchat.

    I envision it something like this:

    A single object in each city (arcane in Sanctum, technological in Meridian) that the player right-clicks to view a list of messages, up to a certain amount in reverse order. The player can also add a message which would just be added to the list and scroll off the oldest one.

    The capabilities would be VERY simplistic. If any links are allowed, in-game links like in chat. Messages would be short, just like chat. Players can't edit messages, but perhaps delete their own.

    Security would be similar to chat and guildbanks, based on rank. A "delete message" permission would likely need to be included.

    Rationale: GuildMOTD is great, but it's short and it's also one-way. Sometimes it would be nice to say something to your guild but they aren't online but isn't really the kind of thing you'd run to a message board for. Examples:

    "I'm going to be doing the quest [Lorem Ipsum] tonight at 9 if anyone wants to come along."
    "Could one of the officers pick a guild quest? We haven't had one for a day or so."
    "Anyone who has any Drakefoot Seeds, could I buy them off you? I need for the daily. thanks"

    And so on. Very casual, very informal but at the same time very useful. And they're not complex enough to negate the need or usefulness of a website. It's more of a way to extend the MOTD and/or informal communications among guildmates who may not be online at the moment but probably will sometime in the next few hours.

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    I am in charge of my guild and I think this would be AWESOME I have trouble getting people to visit the guild site so if there was an in-game way to post simple little stuff like this I would have a much easier time of communicating to the guild.
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