With the release of synergy crystals, it seems a decent chunk of gear has been missed on the synergy crystal train.

Current Syn Crystals
Transplanar Gear
PVP Rank 3-4
PVP Rank 5-6
PVP Rank 7-8
Hammerknell Gear

The first you place you can get crystals is at lvl 48, then its all pvp till you grind to T2 raid gear.

The chunk that is missing is T1/T2 Dungeon Gear as well as T1 Raid gear (all the stuff you bought with plaques and marks)

The main concern is PVP gear is now being overly used for PvE stuff, so all those dungeons that were grinded were for not.
Its not too much different than what the PvP syn crystals give, have T2 Plaq gear have the same bonus as Rank 3-4 does, T1 Raid gear have the same as Rank 5-6 PvP gear does, and I guess one more crystal would have to be made for the T1 Plaq gear, but all and all it would make the people who are playing the PvE side not be wearing raid gear into dungeons/raids ect. After all its not the synergy crystal gave them valor or anything for a bonus to pvp it was just bonus stats and thats all the group that I have out lined would need.
The people with all the plaq gear grinded for it reward them the same way as the people who grinded pvp gear and rank did.

Comments and Concerns welcomed