My biggest beef right now with Rift is how there is absolutely no synergy at all when it comes to caster dps compared to our melee dps counterparts. The reason for this is that the melee counterparts have skills like Teaching of the 5 rings, and Weapon Specialisation that provide generic benefits to damage for each point spent in the dps builds.

In contrast though this isnt the case for Mages or Clerics that choose to go the dps route. For instance skills like Burning Bright, Lightning Mastery, Stretch of Cold, Neddra's Influence, Life Bane, Force of Nature, Symbol of the Ancient, and Ritual of Judgement only buff that souls skills and damage which means that there is very little synergy with these souls and in fact you are shooting yourself in the foot by trying to go the hybrid route.

While I agree at one time it was plain stupid to go 51 points into a skill tree, because you were gimping yourself by doing so. But the way that Trion has tried to fix the problem has instead made it to where those that wanna play Hybrid builds are shooting themselves in the foot by doing so.

So here is what I propose to fix the problem:
1. For one All of the skills above should be changed to where they boost generic magic damage. This would be the biggest thing to boost synergy among the caster souls, and base someones damage not only how many points they spent in a particular soul but how many points they spent in a DPS soul.
2. All of these skills need to be moved up so that they can be purchased within the first 10 skill points, and preferably I would like to see these made like the 5 point root skills that the warrior tanks get in that they get them no matter what.
3. Necro and Conjurer skills need to be made to where they affect all pet types instead of just undead or elemental pets and the skills that increase pet effectiveness need to affect each type of pet.
4. Lastly spell damage needs to be normalized to compensate for these changes, so that you will see basically the same dps from caster builds no matter what you choose to play.