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Thread: My big ol' list of suggestions, v.2

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    Default My big ol' list of suggestions, v.2

    This is just the same thread with a few additions / edits. =D (If possible, could a GM remove the OLD thread?)

    Alrighty! Now, where to begin...

    I've been playing Rift for few months now, and I think it's a great game. There are some small factors that I would tweak just a bit though (They tend to annoy me, oh no!). Well, here's my big ol' list of suggestions for you dev's up at Trion.

    Character Suggestions:

    1) Characters lack emotion - Allow me to make a reference here; in a certain game that I will not name, each of the races had a very distinct and rich culture, personality and lore. In Rift, most of the characters all seem to come from the same group, they're just different lookin'. I would suggest making people more aware of the differences in the races through several different approaches.

    1A) Quests - Instead of having every single character start in the same area, you could add new starter zones. For example, the current Guardian intro zone makes sense for the Mathosians, since they are trying to liberate their own kingdom from the tyrant king. The other races just happen to be there (Mainly Elves). Perhaps you could create a different zone for each race. The Dwarves could start in Hammerknell (Before it all went to hell O.o), some stories about how their kingdom went down to ruins because of their inventions (The guy in Sanctum says so!). The High Elves, I have no idea; There's not much lore to be read about them in the game as far as I've seen. Now, for Defiants! The current starting zone is really kinda generic, I'm not sure what could be done with it. For the Eth, you could have them start in their homeland, the deserts and whatnot. You could have a zone that's a small section of their great city that went into ruin, some quests about Ethian lore. For the Kelari, the Fire Isles of course; Their escape from the islands as they were swallowed by the sea. The Bahmi you could have some stories about their journey from the Plane of Air to Telara. Now I know that all these events took place long, long ago. You could have the characters from these old times brought back to life through Ascension when they are needed. The rifts don't really come about until Aedraxis let Regulos loose through that Death rift he created. The Vigil and the Defiant wouldn't need to make an Ascended until this happened, and your character was a hero from the past who would then make a great Ascended.

    1B) Personality - In the game I won't name, each character had a distinct personality. Their emotes and other voice sounds has unique accents, tone, whatnot. Their dances were also different. The company that made said game usually based each race off of a race in reality. One could be just English, for example, while another is Irish or Scottish. Just a simple voice over redux, with more personality, would suffice. Changing some of the emotes wouldn't hurt, either.

    Combat Suggestions:

    1) Spell usage - Most classes, it seems, have one or two abilities that they spam over and over. While this is good for making a rotation, it does take a bit of the fun out of the game. What I would suggest, is that each soul has more staple abilities. Making each soul have a certain number of debuffs, which are applied by spells, would certainly help reduce button spamming. Reactive abilities are great at making the game more dynamic in combat. Perhaps you could add some talents that have a chance to make another spell come off of the GCD for a short duration; It certainly helped in a game I will not name! For example, let's look at Warriors. Say there's a talent that has a 15% chance to proc' off of Power Strike. When this talent proc's, your next Punishing Blow comes off the GCD and acts as if it had 3 Attack Points. (I know this may not be balanced, or whatever, but it's just for the sake of example.) Anything to reduce the amount of spamming in combat would make it much more dynamic, and less boring.

    2) Sticky-toggle Abilities - In the game I will not name, some abilities had a "sticky-toggle". The way it works is like this: An ability that toggles, say Stealth, would have a "sticky-toggle"; meaning that if you press it rapidly when it's not available and it activates, and you press the button again, it won't remove it. This would really help for some classes. Rogues who are recently out of combat and mashing their stealth button won't accidentally remove themselves from stealth by hitting the key twice when they exit combat. The same could be applied to all toggled buffs (some circumstances exluded, like Charge consuming toggles and the like).

    Gameplay / Lore Suggestions:

    1) Music - Music in this game doesn't really seem to play much of a role. Most of the time, I can't even hear the music! My suggestion to you is this: Make the music relay emotion, and enhance the setting. While you're in Silverwood, perhaps have some soothing or gentle music playing, since it is the holy forest of Tavril. When you come close to the Aelfwar or the Maelforge areas, the music becomes more sinister or violent. You could also add music according to what you're doing, too. When you're on a mount, the music speeds up, or you have a completely different song playing (Makes you feel like you're racing?). While in a fight there is music, but you can't hear it. A couple of my favorite composers could inspire you for a few pieces. Their names are Koji Kondo and Toru Minegishi.

    2) Lore - The lore of this game sounds really interesting, but there isn't really any way to study it. You may glean a little bit off of quests or dungeons, but it doesn't really deliver the whole story. All of these artifacts that are collectible should be able to be read / used (or a description about them atleast!). In-game books are a great way to distribute lore, and I've found quite a few of those. The problem with the books though, is that they are very short. They don't feel like they tell the whole story, it feels like just a small portion of the story is being told. Lengthen the amount of lore in the books, and make lore easier to aquire. Perhaps you can add more quests that tell the lore of various aspects of the game?

    3) Activities - Say you don't feel like fighting anything at the moment, there's not a whole lot to do. You have your basic professions, sure, but they don't really feel like much. Perhaps you could add other professions. (Realize this is just a list off the top of my head, if there's anything else, tell me!) Fishing, Cooking, First Aid, (Please don't flame about this one) Archaeology. All of these are great examples of a profession that don't require fighting, and make a great pass-time. You could also add mini-games into Rift. For example, in the game I won't name, there is a clone of Plants vs. Zombies that I can spend hours playing. Make exploration more worthwhile, perhaps. (I know this is a highly debated topic, but here it is.) Making your own mark on the world, if implemented right, can be fun. For example, houses, guild halls, other various player-made content. Another idea that I've loved in the game Mabinogi, is the ability to compose and play music in the game. It might take a bit of work, but this is a great way to pass the time, and even make money in some cases. You could save the composed music to scrolls, which can then be traded / sold at the Auction House.

    UI Suggestions:

    I'll admit, the basic UI that you guys have developed is pretty darn good. There are just a few small things that I don't like.

    1) Quest log and tracker - The quest log itself is fine, but the tracker has a few problems. First off, it's way too big. If you reduce the scale of the quest tracker too much, th text is too small to read! If you don't reduce it though, it takes up half of your screen, which isn't good either! What I suggest, is adding a button to collapse your quest tracker into a small box labeled "Quests", or something of the like. Collapsing the quest log during a Warfront or instance would make things much easier to see when you've got a lot of quests, don't you agree?

    2) Action bars and the art bar - The action bars really need some work, in my opinion. Right now, you've got a lot of action bars available, but they're kinda clunky when you have a lot enabled. What I suggest, is allowing you more control over the action bars. Allowing players to change the layout of the bar itself, such as rows vs. columns, would help. Adding the option to change the number of total buttons in one bar is a good idea too. While the art bar is pretty, I don't usually like having it enabled. I suggest adding the ability to removing the art bar and leaving just the action bars behind. When you disable the art bar, the experience bar seperates from it, and becomes its own element. So you can move and resize the experience bar as you please.

    3) Buff / Debuff icons - Now I don't know about you, but I don't particularily enjoy having 5000 buffs going down my screen. In the game I won't name, they recently added an option to collapse all long-term buffs into a single box that expands when the mouse hovers over it. Not sure if that's easy to do, but I suggest you do it!

    4) Bags - My only suggestion for the bags is quite a redundant one. Simply put, create an option to combine all bags into one super bag!

    Visual Suggestions:

    1) Spell effects - My suggestion for spell effects is as follows: When there are all kinds of AoE's on the ground, it's hard to differentiate between your ally's and your enemy's, right? Well my suggestion is that you give enemy ground ability effects a slight color tint, perhaps red, to help you tell the difference between the effects.

    2) Dressing Room & Dyes - As of right now, you are able to preview just one piece of dye at a time. What I suggest, is adding the ability to color multiple items inside of the Dressing Room, and then apply them all at once, if the effect is the one desired.

    Please, don't flame about any of these suggestions in here. They are, after all, just suggestions. They won't necessarily be implemented in the game. So if you've got nothing nice to say, keep your words to yourself pretty please.

    (If you've taken the time to read through all of this, and seriously think about it, I bow to you.)
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