i was thinking the other day of a dungeon but different, you see you throw a bunch of people into a map made by trion obviously thats customly made for survivability. you make a bunch of mobs spawn wave after wave, every like 4-5 waves you toss ina boss bosses drop good equips, nd at the end you aqquire currency , i think this would help all thoes ****ed up people out there, that dont kno teamwork. this would show kids how to work together , and it would be exciting at that. im sure this could make rift very successful. to add to the kind of game that this is, you could put 10 people ina castle nd make monsters or rift monsters which ever you would please, but monsters invading by ladders, and breaking thru walls would be ****ing epic. you could repair the walls, nd try to stay alive, im sure this could be done because you guys are elite. now instead of just skimming through this i want you to take me seriously, and dont jus send me to another place to find my answer, talk to me like a human, another person from your wares and explain to me weither or not this could be a good idea. this would be very much appreciated i hope i didnt come at you witha bad approach, you are just like i, another man trying to live,. i know that you have human eyes and you are reading this now, and soon enough i will be reading your response just like you did just now. we are all one, you are just like i, we are both humans living in the worlds eye. invite me to your mind and let us share ideas , im sure i could bring rift to a magnificent place. this game could be much more, and i have very deep faith in you, and your team.