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Thread: How do we fix terrible WF queues? I will tell you.

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    Default How do we fix terrible WF queues? I will tell you.

    Far too long have I seen terrible battle groups and wondered what Trion is doing. Went from the Molinar battle group to the Briarcliff battle group. In both groups the queues seem to be really bad. At peak times it is not as bad but it seems there needs to be more servers. Guardians went from mediocre on Molinar to terrible on Briarcliff. Now, I am not complaining about getting rolled by premades getting into pug groups because it goes both ways and I have been in many pug groups that roll premades. I just see way too many of the same faces and it seems there are just not enough defiant in the queues.

    Solution? Combine some of the battle groups. It would help those trying to queue as a 5man group and it would help those wanting to get into a full pug group. It would also be nice to finally be able to see different faces. On the Briarcliff battle group, I don't think any other defiant's queue up that are on the other servers.

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    I usually end up in half-finished matches where my team is being completely dominated (people left so yeah)....hence why I don't queue much...
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