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Thread: Make event awards tradeable like PvP gear

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    Default Make event awards tradeable like PvP gear

    I would like it if the weapons that you get fron the event vender wer able to be turned in to make the next level weapon cheaper, just like the PvP gear. That way, I am not saving my tokens and just waiting for the level 50 one. I feel like I am wasting my Dragon tears if I buy every one.
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    it looks like the world events will keep coming in rapid succession. so i eventually decided that, since by the time i hit 50 there will be some new event with equally impressive gear, i might as well buy for now and the near future, and i'm glad i did it. i did get that water breathing trinket from the last event, though, even though i don't have a 50 yet. that looked like it might be an unusual one.

    but your idea is solid. i'd be happy if they let us turn in our old event gear for a discount.

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