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Thread: Warrior souls

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    Default Warrior souls

    There's been a lot of changes/revert of those changes(?) for certain warrior talents in the past couple hot fixes. I'm sure there's reasoning behind it, and if there are future changes that go along with these hotfixes those changes should probably be mentioned during the same time the hotfixes are being patched imo. If anything it would help sooth your loyal subscribers.

    I think the warrior souls need to be more balanced between one another. Right now, the Riftblade soul is king over everything else for PvP. There's no denying it. I say that based on everything that soul has to offer.The deep 38 or 44 paragon specs and any champ/xxx/xxx spec falls very much short of what Riftblade is capable of. Hell, players have been using full RB and pally forever because of the high burst dmg and survivability it has.

    So, what makes the RB soul so great?
    -First off, it does all magic dmg. That could be one of the main reasons why it's so good. Maybe the value of how much resist reduce mage damage should be looked into? Possibly..
    -Three off global cooldown finishers = unbelievably huge.
    -Riftwalk: breaks every crowd control ability and stuns your enemy when used. As soon as you crit again, you can use it again. So, almost perma CC break and stun on your target. If a warrior plans on PvPing, you either need breakfree(from the PvP soul that isn't that great atm....) or Riftwalk. Hmm, which to get? Should there be other options that are more on par with these two in the "DPS" souls? Should there be actual defensive cooldowns that can counter magic and physical dmg?

    We have some defensive cooldowns: bend like the reed, spellbreaker and residual absorption. But getting BOTH of these abilities in a build makes you worthless as a whole..

    Ok, so I could go on and list every single ability from every soul tree and compare it to other souls, but that would be insane. To make it short = I think the Trion team needs to sit down and view each soul by itself and scrap certain skills all together. Skills that aren't being used at ALL, change them to skills that would benefit the soul.

    Ex: Champion soul:

    Thunderous kick: get rid of it.
    Brutal punishment: don't be funny.. Toss it out.
    Debilitating strike: delete
    Mark of inevitability: make it worth the gcd
    Mark of extermination: wait who is using 32 points in champion anyway?
    Disruptive strike: ehhhh

    Vindicator soul:

    Tactical strike: I know for a fact that the proc rate on this talent is horrible! It seemed nice, but I would have to be beating on someone forever to get the full benefit from it.
    Unrestrained: It's not a bad ability at all, but 2min cooldown? ... hahah, it barely justifies a point spent in it.
    Forced recon: a snare, yea... maybe it's ok, but I'm trying to kill people not hound them forever, give me more damage! Or make it slow from any position I hit them from, c'mon... I have zero positional attacks as is..

    I want to see a real purpose in sword+shield builds in PvP. I want their role to make a damn (crowd control the enemy? buff allies? debuff enemies?) Not just: I use a sword+shield with Riftblade because I do better dmg than the other builds and survive better. derrp

    In general, I'm tired of the ever so massive nerfs and buffs Trion tosses around. Would it hurt to take some small steps? I understand balancing between classes is important, and that is the first thing that gets changed. But, it's definitely no fun to be pigeon-holed into using two souls just to be worth a damn. Balance the souls in each class first, then balance the class as a whole after. At least by doing it that way, players can actually use other souls if having problems with other classes. Then Trion can fix the appropriate souls accordingly.
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    They can't make every soul good for pvp without making certain combos OP or feeling the same as the others.

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    Quote Originally Posted by phyraxian View Post
    They can't make every soul good for pvp without making certain combos OP or feeling the same as the others.
    They probably can if they make the class defining abilities (44, 51) actually worth it.

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