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Thread: Separation of PvE and PvP - Discussion

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    Default Separation of PvE and PvP - Discussion

    The separation of PvE and PvP in Rift has always been a beast that has been difficult to tame. One of the biggest issues currently is the use of high level PvP gear for raiding since it exceeds the best gear available aside from HK gear which is currently sparse as people are trying to clear content.

    My proposal: require the use of the PvP soul in order to use the PvP synergy crystal, and restrict the stat bonuses of the gear when either the PvP soul is not used or the player is not flagged.

    How this works for various settings:

    1) World PvP: On PvP servers in particular, wearing PvP gear for valor is important to avoid getting ganked on a regular basis. To compensate, the restriction of requiring a PvP soul in order to either get the full bonuses of worn PvP gear would be lifted for flagged players in the open world.

    2) Warfronts: Pretty standard. Full bonuses while the player is in the warfront since you're flagged 100% of the time anyway.

    3) Instances: Prevent flagging at all. Having a couple people join the raid at the last minute means we either have to wait 5 minutes or all flag in order to heal/buff them. This isn't too much of an issue, but it shouldn't happen. As a side effect, PvP gear would have reduced stats regardless of soul combination.

    This of course is just an idea that I had and wanted to write down before I forgot it. Is this something that might work or is it absolute trash?
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    I have been saying that they need to separate PVP and PVE since i started this game. That was one of the major drawbacks (and what destroyed PVP servers) on WoW, IMO.
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    I see this as a non-issue. People worked for the gear, one way or another, and should be allowed to use it. Them using BiS gear like that helps your entire raid, not hinders it. No issue.
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    Really does not bother me that people can use pvp gear in pve (raids). I am a little bothered when pve gear is better than pvp gear and it is in pvp situations.

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