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Thread: Simplifying Lifebound Veil

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    Default Simplifying Lifebound Veil

    A quick browse of the Mage forums will reveal that the tooltips of Lifegiving and Lifebound Veil are confusing, due not only to the similarity of the names, but the length of the tooltips. So I propose that Lifebound Veil is removed as a single spell, and Synthesis is changed to better reflect its purpose. Lifegiving Veil stays the same.

    Bathes an ally in the Mage's group or raid in light, increasing healing they receive from Lifegiving Veil by X%, but reducing the healing received by other allies by Y% for 1 hour. Applies or refreshes Lifegiving Veil when cast, and is removed when Lifegiving Veil is cast. Cannot target any member affected by Lifegiving Veil. Can only affect 1 ally at a time. Does not trigger a global cooldown.

    The change in the latter part of Synthesis prevents Chloromancers from putting Synthesis on each other, so the inability to heal fellow raid healers can be removed.

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    They should change it to something like:

    -Use this one to tank heal.

    -Use this one to group heal.


    I do totally agree that the two tooltips are so similar, it is hard to figure out which is which when you are new to it. Eventually I figured out that I never have to cast the tank-heal one (see, I can't even remember the name). I just cast Synthesis and it is automatically cast alongside. So I only put the other group-healing veil on my action bar.

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    Know how I memorized it? The "G" in LGV stands for "Group".

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    I also made other enhancements to certain aspects of the game for various reasons.

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