I don't check every night, but without fail, every time I'm in Kestrel's Cry Ravine in IPP at night, there's a bot there (on old server and new after forced xfer). It's either a pro farmer or a player who plays by day and bots by night...but there is ALWAYS a toon there....always doing the exact same thing...always killing butcherables nonstop, ignoring dragon motes, ignoring artifacts, ignoring ore and herbs...for hours on end. Running around the area with the same path and behavior...forever.

Gee, you might think, based on the number of times this has been reported, that maybe Trion would pull their heads out and do something, like code a rift to open right on that spot, or put some pathing mobs in make overruning the bots more likely, or have a GM spend 30 seconds checking the spot late at night when they're probably otherwise picking their noses.

Something. Anything.