As a tank, I often need to swap resist gear.

Before anyone starts, yes I know I can /loadequip. I don't want to. First, I already have 6 sets of gear (pvp DW, pvp 2H, pve DW, pve 2H, tank, solo), and second it becomes logistically depressing that, if I get a new peice of gear, I have to remember to update 3 (soon to be more) sets of gear to include it. It is cumbersome... I know that it's far from the worst setup out there, but my point stands.

I would like a way to reference items, such as 'Sigil of the Five' by an item ID rather than by name. I have 3 sigil of the fives already, and after HK gets cleared I'll likely need another one. I'm sure there are lots of people out there who have more than 3 already.