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Thread: Need to improve :- Out of Range Indicator

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    Default Need to improve :- Out of Range Indicator

    Currently, if your target is out of range or off LoS, the only way to find it out is to gaze at the small letter (key assigned) in your ability icon, if it is not red. However, I find this the biggest pain in this game because the letter is so small and hard to distinguish. I believe that many players playing MMO do not have good eyesight and usually we want things to be nice to our eyes, while this is definitely not. In WoW, this is shown by painting the background color as red (some addons have even better implementation) and I never have this problem. Can you make this much better than the currently state? Masking the whole button or make it grey ... whatever you can, just make it more distinguishable please.

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    I had not consciously thought about that before, but I had felt it. Now that you say it, I'm thinking "yeah, thats's what was bothering me". And what is bothering me too is that yeah it seems kinda hard to find out if something is out of range or not.

    I should instantly be made aware of this in an obvious way. Shouldn't have to look at my icons to try to activate an ability only to find out then that I've wasted my time. As soon as I'm looking at a target onscreen, or have selected a target nearby but not in sight there should be something sort of subtly letting me know "dont even bother, this target is out of range". As a healer in raids I really feel this is an issue as I'm wasting valuable time trying to find out if i can heal or if i even am healing a target in my raid whom i don't directly see in front of me. I should know as soon as i select/click a target or even before that. The raid player icons should shout at me "I'm in range you can heal me go ahead" or "I'm not even in range forget it man don't bother" (figuratively, of course ).

    p.s. I'm really baked as I write this sooooo.... I hope it all makes sense, lol!

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