This is overly simplified, but what do mages do? They are ranged casters. There are 8 souls of ranged casting. Their ranged casting does dps, sometimes pure dps, sometimes with effects such as heals, buffs, and debuffs. Don’t get me wrong, there is variety with mages of course, but there is also not as much as the other classes. This gives rise to a sort of “blah feeling” after playing one for an extended period of time.

I say break the mold. The example of this is Age of Conan that introduced a totally new mage type with their “Herald of Xotli”. This class was a cloth-wearer that wielded a 2-handed sword, had a lot of medium to short-range fire attacks, and could even turn into a demon. I don’t suggest the “same” model of course, but let’s not have another ranged class that is a combination of the ones that came before.