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Thread: Test crap on the Euro's once in a while....

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    Default Test crap on the Euro's once in a while....

    I mean really....

    Why are the NA shards going down 2x+ in a flippin Friday ... test it on the dang French, and give us only ONE downtime now and then....

    Just a thought.
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    They can't win.

    When the Euro servers got content first people were whining and moaning that they got all the WW firsts.
    Quote Originally Posted by Vashane View Post
    I would just like to add, I sure hope they don't add something to this game before they add something else that is totally unrelated to the thing they might add, because that would really tick me off or something if they added it first before the thing that should be added first even though its totally unrelated like, you know?

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    I lold /10?

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