Mage, Level 50. So I have 5 specs:

- Raid: DPS;
- Raid: Heal;
- Raid: Archon;
- PVP: Solo

Problem is, I need at least 2 more slots, so why not make it 10 slots??

I could use a PVP - 51 Dom, a PVP 32 Chloro / 32 Dom, and a PVP Ful 51 Lock

One of the most fun thing of Rift is possibility to reset and re-spec, and try hundreds of souls combinations, for 9 souls and 3 trees, 5 slots is still low.

Make it 8 or 10 slots please!

This is a must! And would be very nice to have this!

Specially for War Fronts, where you see a spec is not working, you just switch on the fly. So 5 slots is still low.