I know these have been discussed before but seriously, its annoying to add a feature in game and then barely support it and do nothing to make it enjoyable. Anyways, lets discuss what can be done to improve it.

1. Metal Mages and Robed Clerics

While I know some people would hate to see a cleric in a robe or a mage in full plate, there really is no reason to not allow someone to wear whatever they want for appearance purposes. If a rogue wants to sneak around wearing chain, he should be allowed to do so. In some respects you all ready allow this with the option for us to wear any callings noob armor. Lets just expand it to allow us to where any level armor from any calling. This would bring a lot of love from crafters and anyone who gets a backpack full of greens they cant use or dont want and want a little more then vendor prices for it.

To circumvent the issue of people rolling need because it looks cute on them, you can always fix nbg rolling to onlly allow nbg on their class specific armor. That way a warrior couldnt roll on leather and a mage couldnt roll on chain or whatever. If there is no need then greed roller gets it and can wear it as a costume piece.

"But PvPers will whine that they cant identify what classes are what!!" If you pvp and cant tell the guy wearing the robes with the 2 handed sword is a warrior or the guy in plate with the raptor pet is a rogue, then you might need to rethink your decision to play on a pvp server. Also, people are going to ***** because the sky isnt the right shade of blue or the grass doesnt wave in the wind properly. Take it with a grain of salt. Its cosmetics and they can deal with it or go elsewhere.

2. Naked slots

I said slots with an O not with a U... Get your mind out of the gutter.

Seriously though I hate the fact that I have to have gloves showing and I know a lot of people who would like to be bare foot or even run around in their underwear without losing stats. It would be awesome if we could go into wardrobe and click a box to hide that armor slot.

"Naked people running around would ruin our immersion!!@!@#!$!@%!#%^!!!!" Get off the internet and move to the woods where you can be immersed all you want.. Its a game.. People want to enjoy the game their way and not yours.

3. Knife? You call that a knife? Now this is a knife!

Please let us have a costume option for weapons. Make it so it can only be the same weapon type as whatever weapon you have equipped. Want a snazzy looking dagger? Well you better have a dagger equipped. There are some really awesome looking weapons in this game but their stats fail in comparison to some really crappy looking weapons. A part of looking good to most players is having both weapons and armor look good.

"But but but..." Stop whining.

A big selling point for any game is customization. I remember way back before Alpha, there were discussions from both the player side and the dev side and customization was suppose to be a big feature in Rift. There was even a few times where the devs said they were going to add non class souls for us to enjoy and further customize our characters. Unfortunately when the game rolled into beta and then release, customization just seemed to get thrown to the curb. Please, Trion, bring those features to life and let us enjoy a game where we can share the world and everyone can have their own unique looking character.