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Thread: Quest LFG suggestion: allow players to queue as "henchmen"

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    Default Quest LFG suggestion: allow players to queue as "henchmen"

    There is a big difference when using LFG tool to queue for cross-shard instances (almost instant), vs queueing for open world group quests (sometime very long).
    Obviously this is because there is a much smaller pool of players who are
    1) on your shard and
    2) are on the exact same step of a huge chain of group quests.

    Therefore, my suggestion:
    Add option to LFG tool to queue as henchmen, which puts you in a queue for any open world quest.

    To reward your time, upon completion of the quest objective you would get some "purse", that can contain
    - plaque of achievement
    - planar currency
    - 1-2 plat
    - random item

    Note: for party to form at least 1 or 2 players need to be on a quest.

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    Do you mean like Lotro's PvMP system?http://lotro-wiki.com/index.php/Monster_Play

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