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Thread: New WF system ...

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    Default New WF system ...


    and a quick q&p ...

    A warfront (not necessarely rated needed) where you allow guardians to queue up against guardians, and defiants versus defiants.

    The idea behind the warfront could be based on ... no idea, different sub factions, tricked into the fight ... whatever, to be honest at the moment I don't care any longer for lore, but I care about myself spending way too much waiting for a queue to pop up finally, without passing out, or being afk just the one minute per hour the queue will pop.

    This would allow each faction an equal chance to level up in ranks and gear up as well.

    Right now you (me, myself & I) as a defiant wait without any problem 40+ minutes for a queue to pop up (if at all and you didn't fall asleep before, or just left the game) - be it single joined or group joined - while most guardians get a warfront to join between instant up to a couple of minutes of waiting.

    You don't have to be a genius to realize that the actual situation allows guardians to gear and rank up way (and I mean WAY) faster than any defiant and in the end to continue to farm them.

    Of curse I could reroll a guardian, but first I don't like their 'races', and 2nd I don't want to bother to grind a full set of toons up again (not to mention crafting etc) or I could wait until Trion offers faction change (but still I would have guardian races to choose from) and until then I might just have found something else to play.
    And as Trion for sure cannot really force players into one faction to play (and unless guardians become the flavour faction of the year) there wont be a change in today's population/faction imbalance.

    As well you cannot force guardians to have our queue times (stupid idea btw as that would increase ours as well, and by a lot more ... to say 1 warfront per day maximum, maybe).


    Allow 'defiant vs defiant' and 'guardian vs guardian' WFs to even out the queue times.

    And yes I am even considering to get a RL now ... for real.

    P.S. Sorry if threads with this kind of topic exist in countless numbers already, but waiting for a queue to pop up made me even too tired to use search.

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    Could you imagine a game designed where race didn't determine who your enemy was and you could still have several friendly factions and or several enemy factions. Fallen Earth had a complex faction system http://fallenearth.wikia.com/wiki/Factions. Something like this wouldn't fit in Rift in current form (actually it might work for how dragon storm cults operates) would definately give you different enemys and sometimes different allies.

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