In the future if the dev's decide to add more souls to the game, I would like to propose two souls that I would love to see added to Rift. One of these souls will be another mage healing soul that will use a pet augment his healing ability and the other would be a true crowd control class, since Dominator doesnt fill that role.

The first suggestion would be:
Blood Mage would be a death based healing mage class that would use his own blood and the blood of enemies to heal his allies. Also the blood mage would be able to summon a pet called a Blood Wisp that would be able to life tap enemies and transfer the health to the blood mage to keep him healed. What will differentiate a blood mage from the other healing souls is that 50% of his healing will come from the Blood Wisp. So during encounters where the Blood Mage is stunned, feared etc.. the party will still be getting healed by the pet through the Blood Mastery buff.


Blood Mastery: This is a self buff that will transfer all overhealing to the Blood Mage to up to 3 party members via smart healing. This will be the Blood Mages primary way of healing his group. This will be able to be increased through talents to 5 members.

Blood Pact: An Instant cast 10 second buff, 1 minute cooldown ability that targets an ally. This buff will cause the target to take 25% less dmg, instead that damage will be redirected to the bloodmage. Through talents this ability will deal less dmg to the blood mage.

Group Blood Pact: Same idea as the single target blood pact, but instead any time a party member takes damage it will evenly be spread among all party members. This ability will have a 5 minute cooldown.

Life Transfusion - The Blood Mage will tap some of his life essence and give it to an ally. This will be a blood mages primary heal spell. The amount healed can be increased with talents.

Blood Siphon - 3 second channeled lifetap that would transfer life from the enemy and bestow it upon the bloodmage. This spell has no cooldown and would be the bread and butter direct damage of the blood mage class. The amount healed can be increased with talents.

Drain Essence - Drain health from the enemy every tick and bestow that health upon the blood mage.

Unholy Cleansing - A cleansing spell that would cleanse an ally of 1 poison, 1 disease or 1 curse and then transfer this effect to the ally's target.

Blood Shielding - A 30 minute instant cast buff that will lower the blood mages hp down to 1 (temporary) and then provide a physical mitigation shield for the amount drained.

Soul Feast - A passive ability that will increase the blood mages mana by 5% each time an enemy dies within 35 meters of him.

Synergy will be with Warlock, Chloro and Necro.
Warlock because they both deal in death damage with some DOTs.
Necro because necro passives that increase a pets damage will also increase your wisps damage and its healing ability as a side affect.
Chloro because each point spent in the Blood Mage soul will increase healing ability.

Second Suggestion would be:
Illusionist : This is a crowd control class that would use illusions to alter the pace of battle. This will also be a pet class, but all of its pets will be temorary pets.


Charm - Combat Only - This spell alters the targets mind so that he percieves his allies as his enemies and his enemies as his allies for a short duration. Can be used in PVP, it will temporarily turn the players enemies to green and his allies to red, so that he can only target his allies with offensive spells and his enemies with heals for the duration of the spell.

Phantasmal Distraction - Summons an illusory minion that attacks one target for a short duration. This minion doesnt do any damage with each attack, but the attacks do generate a tremendous amount of threat. In PVP combat the target of this spell will not be able to target anything but this phantasm for the duration of the spell. In order to remove the effect the person has to be cleansed of a curse.

Phantasmal Killer - Summons a temporary pet that attacks the mages target. 30 Second duration, no cooldown and only one Phantasmal killer can be up at a time.

Mirror Image - Defensive Spell - Summons mirror images of the mage that absorb the first few blows to the mage. Once all charges are exhausted the mage will begin taking normal dmg.

Misdirection - Defensive Spell - Turns you invisible, shadowsteps you a short distance and creates illusory double of the mage at his last location. All of the mages threat will then be transfered to this double. This double will have the same Hitpoints as the mage and will fall down dead when his hitpoints reach zero. The purpose of this spell in pve is to eliminate all threat from the illusionist, and in pvp its to give the illusionist a chance to escape an encounter.

Blur - A defensive buff that the illusionist can cast on an ally that will buff the targets dodge 20%

Mind Blast - Bread and butter nuke for the illusionist upon a critical hit this spell will drain a certain amount of mana or energy and transfer it to the illusionist.

Invisibility - Turns the mage invisible, cant be used in combat and will break whenever the mage does an offensive action.

Hypnotic Pattern - Confuses all enemies within 10 meters of the illusionist for 10 seconds. Damage done will break the effect.

Friendly Fire - Debuff on an enemy - Any damaging skill or spell used by the enemy within the next 10 seconds will be redirected to that enemies ally.

Illusory Ally - Temporary Buff 20 second duration on an ally. Upon that allies death it will replace the ally with an illusory double of himself that will continue fighting for 15 seconds. This double has the exact same skills, equipment and stats of the ally that was replaced.

Union of the Mind - Equilizes the parties Mana and Energy levels.