So i was questing in shimmersand and thought it would be awesome to have sandcastles.

It could even be done in like a mini provoked event. Maybe once a week anyone interested goes to shimmersand and has to compete in pairs to make the most awesome sandcastle. Having one person running to and from the shore to get water, and another to build the sandcastle using a special tool ((insert epic spade of win here)).

You could have it in a sort of proc event system with a few abilities, so once you equip the spade you get abilities dedicated to building the sand castle like "Add more sand" "Add water" "Form the shape" which would be counters to messages that pop up on screen like "A crab attacked your sandcastle, part of it has collapsed!" so you would proc Form the shape. **Think Everquest 2 Crafting**

I hope you understand what i'm getting at i'm not particularly good and putting across ideas. Who knows, you could scale it up to raid style and build actual forts with people running to and from supplies and others countering any issues approaching.

It won't appeal to all but it might be something of a small project for those of us that like to play around a bit =P