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Thread: Personal Map Labeling (something seperate from waypoints)

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    Default Personal Map Labeling (something seperate from waypoints)

    It would be great to have the ability to mark certain spots on your zone maps, and label the mark.. these "personal" marks wouldn't be visible by other people like waypoints are. You could make personal marks for things like rare spawns, harvesting nodes, critters, raid rift tear locations, and just about anything else that you can fancy.

    The way it would work is that you:
    - Click on a spot on the map to label and it will put a small dot, and ask you to name the label.
    - Name the label and it will put the label name above the dot in small text that you could possibly change the text size & color of. "RR Tear" for a Raid Rift Tear.
    - Click a button that says "Save Map", and it would save your personal labels.

    You could click on one of your label dots and click "Edit" to edit the properties/names of the label, or "Delete" to remove it.
    These personal map labels would probably only show up when you are zoomed in enough, like Rift tears, footholds, etc.

    Also you could have the ability to IMPORT map labels as another option in the IMPORT settings between characters.
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