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Thread: weapon enhancements

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    Default weapon enhancements

    Ok we have all seen alot of mmo's that where weapon enhancements give certain glows or graphics to the weapon or weapons.

    I think it would be good to implement that here as well, but lets see it to where you bring certain type crafted or looted items to a blacksmith npc or crafter how ever the public would like to see it, and the more +'s the weapon it gets the more glow or graphics it gets.

    For example daggers lets say its has 5+ on it when they are drawn out lightning shoots from them. 2hander weaps fire and so on.

    please let me know your opinions on this lets hope to get some good feedback

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    I am firmly opposed to big goofy armour and generally like the realism of Rift weapons and armour but I have to say weapons need some tasteful glowage.

    They just feel....lonely without it.
    Thanks for the haircuts.

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    they have this to a limited extent with items like smoldering rune and windshielding rune but it would be nice to have some more variety.

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    Oh please, please, for the love all that is good and holy don't ever bring this rubbish to Rift.

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