Dodge and Parry are quite ineffective in this game. Except from abilities such as Side Steps and Bend Like the Reed, you rarely see them proc at all. The reason for this is that Hit works against them... not such a problem, except examine:

150 Hit is +30.0% accuracy.
150 Parry is +2.43% parry.
150 Dodge is +3.56%~ dodge.

There is a dramatic difference in power between them. Furthermore, let us analyse the methods of physical damage mitigation available to the three main tanks in the game, ignoring abilities and such;

Paladin: Shield Block/Dodge/Parry
Justicar: Shield Block/Dodge/Parry
Riftstalker: Dodge/Parry

Shield Blocks can give HP back to the tank via trinkets and such and mitigate far more damage than Dodge or Parry. The main reason Riftstalker is falling behind in new content such as Hammerknell is simply that its physical mitigation is lower than those two classes.


If Dodge/Parry were made more effective point-for-point and Riftstalker granted the ability to regenerate HP upon a successful proc, similar to shield blocks for the other two tanks, it would restore some parity.

Making Hit less powerful in PvP would increase PvP build variety and allow "evasion builds" to become more effective, as well as making Rogue vs Warrior as a whole more interesting.