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Thread: Omg brilliant!

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    Default Omg brilliant!

    Someone in the general chat created a thread of patch notes you wish they would implement. After adding a few of my own I was so stoked that I decided to add them to the suggestions thread. Here they are.

    *Added player housing. Yes, buy yourself a house and customize it til your heart is content! All crafts have had recipies added to create custom craft specific items for your houses!
    *Added a third faction: The Fey. Yes, the fairyfolk have organized themselves and will now take on the guardians and the defiant for control of the realm! Join the fey now and harass your new enemies on the field of battle and show them the fairyfolk are sick and tired of being pushed around!!!
    *Added starting areas and quest hubs for the fey.
    *Added RVR zones complete with battlekeeps, seige warfare, realm ranks, rewards, and a new faction controlled non-instanced dungeon with high loot! Whichever realm controls the most battlekeeps controls the dungeon!!!
    *Added NPC vendors and craft trainers that are available to add to your house. Make your new home your fortress of solitude and get things done at the same time!
    *Added /recall ability. Now upon death instead of rezzing at the soulstone you can now rez directly at your home.

    Just think if they added housing, a third faction, and RVR seige zones. OMG that would be so freaking awesome that I would be hard pressed to leave Rift until it is old and tired, like WoW.

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    Default great ideas

    Love the ideas want to add also for housing an option for guilds and also for your account

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    I'm honestly against a third faction at this time. Rift is such a young game and they're doing so much for the two current factions that I just don't see that as being a plausible idea. Not a bad one, but just not possible at this time. RVR would be interesting, but that's technically implemented now that they have the cross server Warfronts.

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    I vote Raventree for Trion CEO!!

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