I thought I remembered reading a few months ago that they were going to give mages a different color mana bar than clerics. What ever happened to that? I may just be a complete idiot and it was warriors and rogues that were getting different colors which they currently have.

The second thing I want to say is that all mounts should be their minimum speed up to your fastest mounts speed. Once you get a 110% mount you should be able to ride whatever mount you want at that speed. It is just a cosmetic thing. I would even be satisfied with a "mount trainer" that increases the speed of a slower mount for a price. You would also have to have the next speed of mount to upgrade a lower one. So you couldn't upgrade a 60% until you had a 90%.

Oh also can we get a rare mount drop from all types of rifts? We already have purchasable elemental squirrel companions. Why can't we also have drops for elemental mounts? I would like them to be 60% or as fast as your fastest mount.