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Thread: Avoiding peer-pressure flagging on PVE

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    Default Avoiding peer-pressure flagging on PVE

    A question first and then a suggestion.

    If I am set NOT to auto-flag for PVP and am in a public raid can already flagged characters cast any heals/cleanses etc on my character (I know I can't cast on them myself, but what about the other way around)?

    I was just in an invasion public raid group where most characters were flagged for PVP. So I couldn't cast any heals on any of them and I didn't see anyone casting heals on me either.

    Would it be possible to allow already flagged characters to cast heals/cleanse/buff on a non-flagged character without flagging them? Otherwise in public grouping you either are 'peer-group forced' into flagging to be effective or you are effectively playing solo.

    This seems to be an issue on Argent (EU-RP). Lots of mid level groups flagging for PVP which really has a negative effect on public grouping if your not interested in random PVP at all.

    Perhaps the devs could make the flagged/non-flagged restrictions on heals etc a one-way street to avoid this?
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