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Thread: Epic Quest

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    Exclamation Epic Quest

    I have an Idea? During the game as you are playing your approached by another online player requesting a quest who got a quest from a repeatable NPC. The NPC tells the player to go set out to find a player who is actively playing. When that player finds that person. You have four quest to sell. When the player receives the quest and sets out killing monsters you get a small percentage of the loot as he completes quests. If person shares quest the quest giver get % from all others.

    Four quest could be:

    1: Raid or pvp/Rift
    2: (pvp) Hunting down another person from opposite faction which shows on the mini map. (On this quest can be shared)
    3: Completing a WF
    4: Helping a online person with (3) completed successful quest

    After completion: 8 plat
    Random blue armor or weapon
    Bag of goodies.
    • Crafting supplies
    • Consumable
    • Potions
    • Pet
    • 1% mount
    • 1% epic?
    • 5% lures.

    Just a thought to help you out. Have another idea for Raids 10 man.

    L. Tafoya
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    Come on people..this is a great idea

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