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Thread: level restrict motes please!

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    Default level restrict motes please!

    I am all for everyone getting their dragon tears but come on, on Alsbeth guardian side countless lv 7-15 dragon motes are being farmed by lv 50's!!

    Im not sure if they get any tears but if they do..its time to change this Trion.

    I have a 50 as well and wouldnt dream of farming motes so low level lol omg how ignorant can ppl be? total thumbs down here sorry but this is tackyyy behavior and should NOT be encouraged by Trion.

    lv 50 can reach these motes 3x faster then any low level and not only decimate the mobs along the way but destroys the motes in 3 seconds flat preventing any players who "should" be in the zone from obtaining their chance at the mote. or even completing the daily.

    Its ok to lose out to someone who is the appropriate level but no lv 10 can compete with 50s camping the motes. this is wrong any way you twist it Trion, please fix asap.

    Do what is right Trion , limit the ability to even attack a mote UNLESS it is green >>orange difficulty to you. Please take a stand and not allow such tacky behavior in other players. its really quite embarassing too see these large guilds doing this. *cough*..Ct...*cough* Deca... tsk tsk for shame.

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    you dont get anything if its not green or higher, so theyre not getting anything except new knowledge.

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    Default artifacts

    The mote related artifacts do drop on motes that are not green to you, or at least I got one when i killed a level 42 mote in iron pine. I wasn't paying attention and saw a mote marked on the map and went to it and helped kill it. Just before it died I noticed it was grey level to me, all I got was one of the artifacts connected to the mote and a thank you for the help from the level 44 that was taking a long time to kill it.

    But farming the low level ones just for the artifacts would be rude.

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