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Thread: Guild "Hall of Ascended"

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    Default Guild "Hall of Ascended"

    Yes another "guild hall" suggestion. But this post comes along with more than just asking for something. I've had a brainstorming session with several guild mates of mine and we took some notes that might be beneficial in coming up with something that could be put in game.

    Guild halls or whatever you'd like them to be called would be build by the guild collectively gathering/purchasing.

    Building the guild hall:

    1) Gathering weeklies would be used as a starting point. Those quests would give guild experience as well as building up the structure

    2) Artisan's marks would be used as well to build up the structure as well as being used to install collected items that would like to be included.

    3) Items would have a chance of dropping from Dungeons/Raids/Rifts that could be used only for the guild structure.

    4) Size of the structure would be based on guild population as well as activity and guild level. More area for population, higher/larger building for guild level.

    Customizing the guild hall:

    1) The model of the building would be based off of Zones/Locations/Rifts

    2) Choosing to have the structure look like rifts/planes would evolve based on the number of rifts and which type of rift the guild closes.

    3) Guild halls could be made Public or Private. Being able to be shown off, or closed off for guild meetings.

    Special features for guild halls:

    1) Random planar invasions. Not only do we have to defend Telara, but we have to defend what we work hard to build.

    2) Guild crafted costume sets. Only able to be crafted inside the guild hall. Used to identify guild members by armor.

    3) Guild vs Guild collection quests. Guilds can race to collect items and winner takes all.

    4) Party decor. Why not have a monthly guild party? Party games, items, and events.

    All of this is just things that I'm sure many people would like to see. These are just a few of the ideas that Knights of Illusion came up with. We love that Rift is very community based in the game and this is one more way people can be proud to be part of a guild and work towards things as a group.
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    Also, guild halls can be flagged pvp if desired. Opening up new ways to pvp, Invasion vs Stronghold

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    I would not be to suprise to see Rift based Guild Halls which are within rifts that must be conquered in order to unlock them. This would then have to be defended from attack.

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    Default Guild Halls - a compromise

    Heres a compromise - I know there are arguments on both sides, the against being that if people are always in their guild halls the cities wil be empty, the for being creating a guild sense of community and purpose and adding a new depth to the game.

    Simple compromise - make guild halls but DONT put anything in that would cause people to hang arround in there all the time, simply make them trophy halls that you can make look nice: you dont need trainers, shops, etc.. all the things which people go to cities for, so if you dont add these people wont hang arround there all the time, but you DO all people to buy / make / win trophy furniture / awards / statues that make them look really cool.

    You could have a single point of entry from capital cities, and possibly different level / size halls, so bigger / ritch / higher level / more successful guilds can have bigger and more ostentacious halls - something similar to what you find in EverQuest 2, so theres a basic one you can get when your guild hits say lvl 5, then you can buy a bigger one when it gets to another level, etc..

    To summarise - make guild halls, make it so they can be set so ANYONE can visit them to have a look (perhaps a single door for each hall type, then click the name the guild that you want to visit), but have them as trophy rooms, which players can work hard to get nice stuff for, but NOT city replacements with crafting benches, etc..

    Nice compromise? What do people think?

    A nice, optional, extra would be to add a profession (maybe a secondary profession) to allow players to craft furniture to go in these guild halls using the same materials that already exist from foraging and mining.
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