Hey everyone so I posted this also in the PVP section, but realized it is kinda a suggestion, but hopefully it can be a good thread here. Iíve got a few ideas to maybe make warfronts (specifically Whitefall for now) more fun. Hopefully you have the time to read the whole thing, so that maybe we can see something like this in the game .

For now, we are just talking Whitefall. (Would like to hear your ideas on other warfronts ☺ )

1) Make the zone joinable at any time but have a hard cap of 40 people per faction. (total of 80). BUT, make multiple zones of whitefall, so you can still join if one is full. So uninstance the zone, make it like any other zone, except cap it, so one team doesnít just roll everyone. (More on this later)

2) You can also join empty zones of whitefall, so that you can still play as a guild or as a big premadeÖ at any time ☺. What you would do is when you join the que, and say there are 5 spots left, yet you have 10, you start a new zone for your faction, just like you would when you join a dungeon.

-The goal of this would be to provide that fun of open PVP, yet still NOT get zerged like mad, and show off the faction imbalances.

Other important changes: (the above ideas donít work without these)

1) Change Whitefallís objectives.

Hereís my rough outline,
Make it similar to the invasions in Stillmoor and IPP, where sourcestone needs to be acquired in order to take down the invasionís shields and eventually to fight the bosses. Itís the one where you have to load the cannons up and break the shield to fight a boss invasion Mob.

-But, in Whitefall, these shields surround your base. Each side will fight to take down the opposing sides shield, to eventually kill an NPC. When the NPC goes down, you now control the base.

However, you do not have to get stones and run them to cannons. (could be another version though) Instead, the way you attack the opposing base is to use a new ascended power, as essentially a siege weapon. Each person can contribute to attacking the shield, and it will take a fairly long time to go down. The range wouldnít be very far as well. I was thinking something along the lines of a beam, which continually channels damage into the shield. (Doesnít take a planar charge) If you enter the rift shield, and its not your base, You get fried. If it is yours, then you can walk in and hide, and try to get a plan going to stop the bad guys. You can also try and recruit some more people if you are outnumbered.

When one faction holds both Sides:

1) You receive favor, titles, etc. Itís a big accomplishment. Yet you now face other challenges.

2) Now that one faction has taken over, invasions begin to spawn, attacking both keeps at the same time. So you will have to effectively spread out your numbers, because the other faction now has more opportunity to get kills. Also, increasingly difficult waves come which, eventually, will wipe both keeps, and return them back to one defiant, one guardian. You can then start all over.

If you are on the losing side, DONíT LEAVE! you now have more opportunities to get kills, thanks to help from mobs, and splitting groups up.

If you are on the winning side, you must defend your keeps as long as you can, receiving planar loot, a small favor tick, and renewed hopes from the opposing factionÖ ☺


Okay, so the point of having zones that are halfway instanced, yet still joinable at any time is to try and capture some of the fun of open PVP. Yet, at the same time still have one side not massively destroying everyone, simply from numbers. It is also a keep siege type game, which I believe a lot of people are asking for. Also, a third faction can be used, in order to help balance as well.

The other thought is that, no one really looses. I suppose if you loose your keep you do, but you donít just give up and say, ďwell, thatís that, Iíll try again in 1 minute.Ē You can stay there, and try to fight for more favor. You can continually play in the same map, and longer than 15 minutes if you want. You and your faction kinda ďTag TeamĒ the effort in the whitefall.

Also, Thinkin it woud be real fun ;)

Extra (Lore):

This is kinda optional, but I figured they could explain it by saying that both factions want to hold the bases, because they know soon the rifts are gonna get em. So thatís kinda the reason from a story point as to why people are doing this anyway.

Well sorry if it was kinda long. What I wanna hear is, well first if you like it. And second, what would you do to the other warfronts? I only did Whitefall anyway.