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Thread: Crafting plaques, what to do with the mismatched ones?

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    Default Crafting plaques, what to do with the mismatched ones?

    Ever since I started doing crafting rifts, been wondering what to do with any off-craft plaques I may get as I have seen it happen.

    Some suggestions as to what one could do with them. Other than drop a craft you have already leveled to start up a new craft.

    Make a way to turn them into a voucher, like what was done with the various sourcestones, so one could send them to an alt that could actually use them for recipes.

    Allow people to exchange the off ones for the crafts they have at 300, or even just artisan marks.

    Allow them to be used to purchase crafting materials from the respective craft, or even just generic materials. If stayed with respective craft, could do some of the harder to get materials, while generic would be the more common.

    I'm sure there might be a few other things people could come up with, but the basic gist is one can get plaques that they won't have a use for without dropping and having to re-level a craft, and something could be done to make all plaques useful to someone in way.

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    There are some nice ideas there.

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