I would like to make a suggestion for how Blood Thirsty works.

The consumption of Silver Artifacts makes this an expensive guild perk - and it should be, As PvP without it (unless your a healer) is fairly dumb.

The problem with this perk, is that on lower pop, or slower battlegroups, the user may only get 2 or 3 warfronts out of each use of a Silver Artifact which might come out at a 20 or 30 min usage, Aposed to the 'instant pop' battlegroups who might be getting a 50 min usage return on the Silver Artifact.

I propose, that the timer on the Blood Thirsty, is some how 'Paused' when being in a place where it is not being used, i.e. sat in a major city, or not being pvp flagged. I am not fully aware on the game mechanics, and i wouldnt want this ability to be abused, but i think there needs to be a equality of usage over all population servers and battlegroups.