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Thread: Tighten up LFG level ranges before 50

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    Default Tighten up LFG level ranges before 50

    ...because it's infuriating to get into instances that are ~6 levels below your level.

    Ex, just q'd with another 36 friend, with me as tank, and we end up in FC with 3 people who are 28-30 instantly.

    28-32 is a pretty good range for the lvl 30 FC. 36 is not. There happens to BE a lvl 36 instance which is where we were hoping to get and should've ended up.

    This kind of garbage happens all the time. I used to think it was due to long queue times and LFG doing what it could to make a group eventually, but that, I think, is giving Trion way too much benefit of the doubt because I doubt they could make a system that sophisticated. Instead I'm guessing it's pure chance.

    Anyways, especially with the x-server LFG now, there is no need to dump high level players in low level instances that give them crappy xp and loot. It's a waste of time.

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    I agree that while leveling it was frustrating getting placed in instances where I outleveled the gear and even the mobs (were grey and not even green). This was done because queues were not popping regularly. This did speed up queues slightly but frustrated player by putting them in an instance where they could possibly get no upgrade or kept putting them in the same one and were really sick of it. The real issue that Trion needs to address is that the majority of players only want to play as dps classes. Trion did a great job on giving choices to players for their characters however they did not fix the problem of getting the majority of players to enjoy or feel comfortable using the required choices.

    The cross wargroup cluster lfg tool only makes the dps vs other roles problem and just multiplies it. All shards have this problem and making the cross wargroup cluster won't really alleviate it. However, some players like variety and we continue to get punished with the same instance over and over again.

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    Yes if that kind of thing is happening then they do need to be tightened up.

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    I still get RotF queues at level 25-30, too. I'm tired of the green/grey instances and the gaps of 2-5 levels where all you have is a green instance before your next chance at relevant dungeon content.

    All the levels need to be tightened up, and there needs to be AT LEAST one, possibly two dungeons added to fill in the gaps. Also, perhaps we could lower the chance of every freaking Warrior cache being a 2H, and every freaking Mage cache being a 1H casting wep?

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