hmm maybe it was already suggested, but I find it hard to believe that it was suggested and it got ignored.

so first suggestion:
rift loot, why do I have to pick it up? why cant I pass on it? I help a friend closing a rift lvl 13 and I got like tons of unwanted loot but I HAVE to put it in my bag then sort it and destroy them 1 by 1.
please add the option to X on the window to pass it.

second suggestion:
most have been suggested before. please add a number in Guild roster window for how many guild members online and how many are in total. please (its possible that I completely failed here and just missed it, but if not...) hate having to count them to see how many online, and im not in a big guild, hate to think how its like for those with 50+ members.

that is all,
thank you!