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Thread: After new Patches, please drop..Soul Eater Consumable

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    Default After new Patches, please drop..Soul Eater Consumable

    Basically a Soul Reset consumable

    it can be part of the daily quests reward, or just a random drop a few weeks after a new patch
    they can be tradeable and auctionable

    when you guys make changes, the weeks after people start theory building, this can take +3-4 trys as people realize certain things working better than others....at 5 souls(longer term players), the soul resets start costing a significant amount ~5-10plat.

    but it's less about money, and just the more tediousness of running back to trainer, reset, respec, then running off to where you want to test build.

    I would like to be able to reset my souls if I'm already in a dungeon and we need a healer, so that I can respec on the fly for a healer build if needed.

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    That's why you have ROLES.

    Another 'awesome' idea from you.

    Unless Trion actually breaks down and rebuild a tree, in which case they reset soul trees automatically, there's no reason for free resets and all that jazz.

    Idk, I haven't gotten to the point that I have to respec one single point into something new every other day to try and squeeze out .001 more DPS (and hope I never do) so... I think the whole free respecs all the time everywhere is silly. You're SUPPOSE to spend money and time to find the best soul set-up for you.

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    well the problem i encounters was this:

    soul was reset due to changes,
    re assigned the points
    saw that my dps was a lot lower ( they reset priest dps soul last patch)
    looked on the net for build info coulden't find much 1.4 dps build info.
    tried somthing difrent myselve
    worked better about on the lvl of spec before 1.4
    few days later 1.4 builds started showing up on the net
    re specked to one of the new recomended builds now dps is higer then it was pre 1.4

    so did 2 respecs that i had to pay for.

    maybe give the trainer the folowing option for the first week after a patch that reset a soul
    reset al builds using soul X (soul that was reset in patch) and make this option cheeper then normal soul reset so it is easyer for people to experiment a bit after a soul reset

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