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Thread: Option to disable new item highlighting in bags

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    Default Option to disable new item highlighting in bags

    So with 1.4 they added this border flash to new things that hit your packs....and I already despise it.

    I can't find an option to turn it off, if there is one, so if there truly isn't, please add an option to disable it.

    I keep my bags very organized. All this does is make my eyes glow and make it so I can't tell item quality of stuff in my main bag by the border color. This is a useless and annoying feature for me.


    Since 1.4 tooltips are borked...probably because of this new icon behavior in the bags. You hover over an item and you either get a blend of what it's item comparing to, a tooltip for something else you hovered over on the way to the final icon you're hovering over, or whatever other random behavior that ISN'T the tooltip for the item you actually have your mouse over. Then you have to shake the mouse, move it into blank (bag) space, and back, to finally hopefully see the correct tooltop.

    Ideally disabling the annoying new bag behavior would get rid of the annoying tooltip behavior.

    And as always, I find myself wondering how something this screwed up (the tooltips) could get thru any semblance of testing or QA. (The behavior doesn't just happen to me and I'm sure it's been reported dozens of times, but fixing a wild hair on some HK boss' backside for the few hundred people raiding HK is vastly more important than a gamewide issue.)

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    Open bags.

    Close bags.

    Open bags again.

    The highlight only applies the first time you open your bags afte looting that item. Is pressing B two extra times that much of a grind?

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