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Thread: Bigger Mana Pools need better Drinks.

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    Default Bigger Mana Pools need better Drinks.

    As my gear has been getting better with higher stats, I've started to notice that a single level 50 drink doesn't fill my mana bar up. So everytime we wipe in HK, I have to use 2 drinks to fill my bars up all the way. We need more replenishment from these beverages.

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    It's definitely about time for a slightly better drink. Tanks and healers feel that the most.

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    I think the reason why it gets tricky at some point is because there isn't really a big, general number and obvious restriction, like level, to slap on a new 'raider' or 'geared' drink like that. So a problem could arise where a new 50 was filling his one bar up in a split second with the 'raider' drink.

    Perhaps...a new 'mana pool' (and health for those tanks) based restriction 'raider' level 50 drink? Say you need...9k HP or...however much mana people have there and THEN you can use the drinks that refill more HP/mana.

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