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Thread: Idea for new "mount"

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    Default Idea for new "mount"

    Quote Originally Posted by Jaelon View Post
    How about instead of a mount, we have a pair of "Boots of Speed" or "Boots of Quickness" or even "Boots of Striding and Springing"?

    Boots of Speed - 60% speed increase out of combat

    Boots of Quickness - 10% speed increase in combat (passive); 30% speed increase in combat, 2 min CD, using the in-combat boost puts the passive on CD as well

    Boots of Striding and Springing - 50% speed increase out of combat, double jump distance (passive); triple jump distance (puts passive buffs on 30 sec CD)
    I'm quoting myself here, since the Suggestion forums are a ghost town anyway. Hopefully if the Moderators choose to lock one thread or the other, they lock the one in the Suggestion forum and leave this one where it might get some feedback.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mo0trix View Post
    So buy a keyboard that lets you assign macros....

    I've played since launch and I don't mind pressing a line of buffs... repetitive, sure... but so is masturbation... still we keep doing it.

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    Squirrel mount!! Nuff said And ofc the high notoriety mount should be armored :P Imagine armored squirrel mount

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    If a thread is 30 days old it auto locks.
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    I am going to suggest the latest mount in development to be the "Wings of Icarus". Keep the look of your spiffy toon in his/her gear/costume and when you use your mount your character sprouts pearl white wings and you float ever so slightly above ground and off you go!

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    New Defiant mount: a motorcycle of sorts. Maybe a motorized Trike.

    Seeing that the Guardians hate the machines, someone can come up with a new Guardian mount.

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