The map needs a lot of work in Rift . Here are my suggestions.


1. Need the ability to see rifts/motes in other zones using the map - I shouldn't have to port around every couple of minutes to see if a mote shows up or a raid tear is available.

2. Need the ability to tell what stage a rift is in while looking at the map - Why travel halfway across the map to find out the rift is about to close ?

3. Need the ability to tell where the public groups are on the map - For major invasions I have to spend a great deal of time trying to find out where the group is that is downing the rifts/invasion forces. The should show up on the map .


1. Add the ability to queue single shard for PvP rifts. Add it to the warfront queue in a separate section and give a bonus similar to how dungeons get one - use the new pvp marks .

2. Add the ability to queue for 10 man raids cross shards. This was accomplished on Test shard for Downed Halls so no idea why it can't work on live.

3. Add more of an incentive to do tier 1 dungeons. Offer some plat - everyone wants plat so increase it to perhaps 4 plat per dungeon.