Here is the issue.

In PvE only 2 pieces of Armor MUST be PvE gear, helm and gloces for hit focus. In PvE only 2 tiers have synergy crystals, Transplanar which is quickly replaced and t4 raid gear.

PvP gear on the other hand has synergy crystals for every rank but rank 1. Raiding with rank 5 PvP boots, legs, chest and shoulders with the synergy crystal is arguably better for end game PvE content than wearing 100% t3 Raid drop armor for many callings/roles. Rank 6 and up is better period.

I can understand not having it on t1 maybe because you will out level it quickly but many people are "just" dungeon crawlers ad will be in t2's until new dungens arrive that are t3 dungeons. Many people starting raiding will also be in t3 drop gear for sometime as well.

Trion, when they introduced seperate PvP and PvE gear, said that each would give you a start in he other style of play BUT PvP gear would be better for PvP and PvE gear would be better for PvE. H reasn for this was simple, not everyone has the time to grind two different types of content. The current mechanics break this expressed rule because having multiple PvP pieces is now better for PvE than PvE pieces. If it was rank 8 gear I could almost get it, but whn as low s rank 5 is =/> there is a problem.