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Thread: Raid Window - want to customize it more.

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    Default Raid Window - want to customize it more.

    Id like the option to customize my raidwindow more !
    Atm its really hard to see who is out of range, the darker green ( for those out or range ) should be almost black. I would also like to see how much mana people in the raid has, so that its easier to see if I shall pop a mana-regen-ability ( exemple bard-spell ) or if my fellow healer next to me is short on mana or not ( pvp )

    The poison icons on ppl are taking up alot of space on the little windows for each name.
    I would like the option to lock the whole window.
    It would also be nice to be able to tilt the windows / change layout. Kinda like you can choose to have a hotbar laying down or standing up.

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    You mean like colour tintable, using a R,G,B slider option, that would be good. City of Heroes had one and I used to customise a lot of mine there for colours and seethroughness.

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