Aside from the level cap and point limitation issue, shouldnt there be additional skills to the PVP soul now, or in the future?

I understand adding new abilities to the very top of the tree will be point consuming as it will take 21 points to get there already so that is probably out of the question unless there was an increase to level cap which Is not what im suggesting here.

What I am suggesting here are abilities that pertain to a particular soul in the mage/warrior/cleric/rogue classes.

These abilities demand for two different conditions.

1. You must be Prestige Rank Seven for the first additional abilities, then Eight for the subsequent.
2. You must have a certain amount of points in a particular soul and these new abilities are soul specific.

I.E. You must be 51 chloro as a mage or 51 Dominator to be able to acquire these new abilities/talents

The new talents will be designed specifically for each soul in each class and will be only let us say one or two total.

The Idea here is to avoid having to drag the pvp soul to 24 points etc and instead you could obtain these new Prestige rank 7 and rank 8 Talents/Abilities by just following the condition of having the appropriate amount of points in the designated soul chloro/dominator etc and you dont have to follow the normal pvp soul tree branches because you are only interested in the newer ones.

I would really love to see more abilities open up with the new prestige ranks that have been implemented and possibly future increased ranks, but this is only an idea and something to take root from.

I don't know if I explained what I had in mind very well perhaps if somebody was confused I could elaborate better.. any thoughts, suggestions?

Im thinking new skills to cover the weaknesses that every class we all know have.