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Thread: World events and altoholics..

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    Default World events and altoholics..

    I have a bunch of characters. Two accounts, even. And I play on more than one server.

    This creates a problem for me with stuff like the dailies, which is that if I were to try to do them on everyone, they'd be really, really, tedious. But if I don't, I don't get COOL STUFF. And it's always narrow-window; after the event, you're done.

    Here's my thought: Make the event currencies things that you can get forever, perhaps more slowly. Maybe let people trade any event currency for any other at 2:1, or have future events that yield each currency in rotation, or something else to make it easier for completeists to play any part of the game other than event dailies without permanently missing out on Cool Stuff.
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    I was so sad when the World Event ended 2 days before I would have been able to get "Hero Of Madness". I was 900 Runeking Seals away from 3,000.... :'(

    Edit: Ooh, fancy new title, Seebs. When did you get that?
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