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Thread: Remove he [What's New?] button

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    Default Remove he [What's New?] button

    Remove the* What's New button. Yes I typo'd lol , cant fix it =/

    Its way too easy to end up posting in forum specific sections with out realizing it. Also trolls end up posting in all the forums by just hitting the [What's New?] button to maximize exposure for attention. Let people go to the section for whats on their mind. Make the labels more pretty if it helps but I honestly think top post camping can even artificially get some post more response than they would with out that button.

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    I actually got an infraction once for clicking on a topic in a 'specific' forum on MMO-Champ once. Granted, it got removed once the mod who infracted me insulted the entire PvP community after specifically noting in my post that insulting his community was not tolerated. lawl

    Anyway, yeah...there's a certain 'acceptable' way to post in specific forums, such as...you are not allowed to disagree or offer certain opinions in PvP/class forums or else people flip out, but in general chat you can troll away.

    Perhaps instead of just a title, they could make it 'Title - Forum'.

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