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Thread: Map Markers & The QUest Tracker

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    Default Map Markers & The QUest Tracker

    I think I'd love it a lot, if first:

    When you complete a quest but haven't turned it in, the map pointer points to the turn-in spot, rather than throwing one up for another quest.


    While I have active quests in a particular zone, and they're up my my quest tracker, the tracker NEVER EVER points to a quest location outside the zome I happen to be in. I'm pretty sure it should even work if I just ported in.

    Third (but don't underestimate it's position in the list):

    Unless I've chosen by clicking in the appropriate spot on the quest tracker to target a specific quest location, the "direction finder" should ALWAYS point to the nearest quest target, whether it's completed or not (meaning point to the turn-in if it's done, or the target location if it's not) - Yeah, I know, this seems contra to my "first" point, but really it's just a matter of what's closer.

    Just tryin to be helpful, or at least make myself more comfortable, and not chasing a map pointer that isn't EVEN in my present zone.
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